Connect with customers using the free Wi-Fi you already offer

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Grow Your Business 5x Faster
With Our Social WiFi Platform

Let Your Wi-Fi Do Your Marketing For You

Track Customer Visits, Collect Contact Info,  Automate Email and SMS Marketing, Gather Reviews, and more...

Auto Lead Generation


Turn your Free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating machine.


We design a custom landing page for you that engages your customers and reflects your business.
It’s your brand, your way.


Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data.


Set the limit on the amount of bandwidth that each user can consume so that all of your customers can enjoy the Free Wi-Fi service.


Learn who your customers are, and how often they visit your location with full analytics and reporting. 


Give your loyal customers rewards when they log on to your Free Wi-Fi and keep them coming back with promotions, coupons, contests and special offers!

Wi-Fi Marketing Statistics

  • 60% of people can’t go without Wi-Fi for more than 1 day; 75% of people say 1 week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than 1 week without coffee (Source: Iconic Displays)
  • 62% of local business customers spend more time in store if Wi-Fi is available (Source: iGR)
  • Businesses who offer free Wi-Fi to boost sales numbers have a success rate of 72% (Source: iGR)
  • 75% of businesses say they consider free wireless access to be either “important” or “very important” to their business now. (Source: iGR)
  • 64% of consumers make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi services (Source: Accenture)
  • 79% of even the least Wi-Fi Interested shoppers, age 45+ are positively influences by in-store Wi-Fi availability (Source: Accenture)
  • 78% of Facebook users are mobile-only (Source: CMO Council)
  • 56% of social network users have stated they would use their social profiles to login in return for a customized experience with a brand. (Source: CMO Council)
  • 74% of people would be happy for a retailer to send a text or email with promotions while they’re using in-store Wi-Fi (Source: OnDeviceResearch)
  • Up to 70% of consumers in-store have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket (Source: Retail Touch Points)
  • 64% of hotels now offer free Wi-Fi. (Source: Hotel Chatter)
  • 50% of consumers feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available. (Source: Accenture)
  • By 2017, 60% of carrier network traffic will be offloaded to Wi-Fi. (Source: Wireless Broadband Association)
  • 71% of all mobile communications flows over Wi-Fi. (Source: Wi-Fi Alliance)  

Goodbye Passwords

No more long Wi-Fi Passwords!


Grow Social Media Fans

Use your Free Wi-Fi to connect and engage with your Customers.


Increase Sales

Generate leads and build your email list, then watch your sales soar! We'll show you how.