How To Block Yourself from Google Analytics

When you are just starting out and your site has relatively low traffic, every click is important. When you browse your own website to test things out, each of those clicks gets recorded and can affect your stats (and thus your decisions about what to improve or fix next). Block your Google Analytics activity for the websites you own using this simple, free Chrome Extension. No more false stats. Designed for webmasters (& their clients) to block their own visits for their websites. Easy to set up and manage list of website . 628 Media There’s a lot of complicated ways to accomplish this, but here’s one that gets the job done. It’s simple, quick, and free. Hope it serves you! Install this Chrome Extension and add all the websites that you want to ‘opt’ out of. You can …

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My Marketing Tech Stack

In my career, I’ve worked with a lot of tools and technology for online marketing, business process improvement, sales, CRMs, website building, ecommerce, affliliate programs, etc… The list below is a work in progress of the tools I most use TODAY and those I’ve used in the past.  It’s as much for me (so I can look to simplify the list) as it is for you reading this.  If you see something you like, are struggling with, or have a question on, then reach out!  If you have suggestions for something different or new, I’d love to hear that too.   Hope this list serves you well.  Website Speed Testing, Troubleshooting & Optimization Tools – analyze website page loading speed and get recommendations on how to fix.  Why No Padlock? – are you pulling your hair out trying to find …

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Funnel Reboot with Glenn Schmelzle

Many people get intimidated by today’s fast-moving technology for business. Lots of companies claim to offer ‘easy’ and ‘powerful’ solutions but the reality doesn’t always match up. Easy or free usually means limited. Powerful usually means complicated and expensive. But that’s not always true. I got together with fellow marketer Glenn Schmelzle to look under the hood and behind the curtain at some of the important tools and technology that power online commerce. In this episode of Glenn’s Funnel Reboot podcast, tips are given on how to go about evaluating these tools for your needs, which ones you can do yourself, and when you should call in a pro. link to show goes here! Here is a shortlist of some of the tools and tech we discussed, in case you have an interest. If interested, you can get more details …

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