Get More 5 Star Google Reviews

Guide to More 5 Star Google Reviews

make it easy for customers to give you a 5 star reviews

You (hopefully) already provide 5 star service to your customers and clients.  Now how do you make it easier for your happy customers to leave you great reviews?  How can you invite them to give you feedback directly (offline) so that you can improve your service and coach your staff?

Here is your guide to getting more 4-5 star Google reviews and having negative reviews sent to you or your management team so they can address issues BEFORE people put them online.

Step 1: Get Your Google Place ID

Visit (they did a great job with this! Kudos to them!!)

Enter the name of your business (should show up on the map)

Google Review Link Generator

Choose Option 1.

Get More 5 Star Google Reviews

Click to save the shortlink (eg.  You'll need this in the next step

For the 5 star review links/images in your email, paste this hyperlink (ie. select the text or image, choose 'add hyperlink' and then paste the url you got from step above, you can also just edit the link from the email text below)

For anything less than 5 star, we suggest having that feedback be sent in an email to you or your management team (eg. select the text or image, choose 'add hyperlink' and then choose 'email address' and enter the email address of the person who should receive the complaint. Eg.

Step 2: Write Your Email

You can use one of the sample templates below, but feel free to make it your own. You can get fancy, here if you want (with images), or just keep it simple!

  • sample 1
  • sample 2
  • sample 3

Dear (FirstName),

We love our clients and work hard to provide 5 star experience!  If your experience was 5 Stars, would you mind taking 2 seconds to leave us a review?  Just click the appropriate link below and you'll be taken to the right page. (try it out! If you are liking this guide, feel free to leave us a review)

On Google

On Facebook

If it was anything less than 5 star, please let us know how we can do better for you next time.  We read and act on every email we receive.  Your feedback is important to us!

Thanks in advance.  See you again soon!

-- Name & the Team at Your Company name

Send The Email to Clients!

At this point, you can add an interesting offer, a coupon, request a like on Facebook, a follow on Instagram, or something else entirely. If you need help, we can craft something awesome for you. 

I hope this guide helps you. I made it simple so that ANY business could implement in in the shortest possible time. Create this email as a template and send it out to your guests and visitors.

Have feedback, suggestions, or would like to share your own design?

Did You Know?

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