KrackAttack – Is your Guest Wi-Fi At Risk?

Is your guest Wi-Fi vulnerable to the KrackAttack hack? What you need to know and options for fixing...

KrackAttack Wi-Fi Hack – What do I do now?

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new security flaw that allows hackers to snoop on people over Wi-Fi.

So what does this mean to you?  To your business?  What should you do?  Want a plain English explanation?  If so, read on…


Step 1: Relax & Breathe!

From the CNet article above:

“In the case of KRACK, hackers would have to be within the physical range of a vulnerable device to take advantage of the flaw, but if they’re in the right spot, they could use it to decrypt network traffic, hijack connections and inject content into the traffic stream.”

This doesn’t mean you are 100% safe, but it’s not like someone sitting in a basement halfway around the world can just hack you from a distance.  They would have to be physically in or near your Wi-Fi system to do their hacking.

Step 2: Patch Your System As Soon As You Can

Contact your service provider and ask them if there is a fix available.  If it’s easy enough for you or someone on your team to implement, go for it.  If not, consider looking up “it managed services yourcity” in Google to find an expert that can do it for you.

If your business is within a 2 hour radius of Ottawa, Ontario and you you just want an expert to fix it for you so, then for a fixed price of $200, our expert friends at can do it for you.  Just click the button below to get the process started.

Step 3: Consider A Different Option For Offering Free Wi-Fi

Our Social Wi-Fi Marketing Platform doesn’t use WPA2 security (what this KrackAttack uses to get in).  If you’d like to find out why and what this means to your business, just reach out and we can have a conversation.

If you’ve never heard of Social Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Marketing, you can check out this short video that explains everything.  You’ll simplify your marketing, grow your client list, and get more customers coming back to your location.


Whatever you do, don’t ignore the situation! If you haven’t done the patch or your provider has not contacted you about it, don’t assume it’s done.  Take action to protect yourself and your customers.

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Reach out! Let us know how we can help.  We want your digital marketing to be simpler for you and better connected.  Connected to your audience and connected across all your channels (web, social, email, etc…)

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