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  • Speak directly with customers via 2-way SMS
  • No apps for customers to worry about
  • Saves your front desk staff hours per week
  • Uses your existing business phone number
  • 9 out of 10 people prefer texting over calling
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What Others Are Saying

We have used Message Hopper for quite some time for our Phoenix Business Exchange networking group to keep in touch with our members.

It has been an important part of our announcements and communication strategy. We have been able to keep track of our guests and know that so many use texting to communicate short effective messages that has a more personal touch than email. Thank you for bringing this system to us.
Tony Gyenis / Susanne Shields
Tuning Fork Master Teacher / Medium & Spirit Coach
In the past customers could contact us in several ways, by phone, by email, through social media and by our contact form in our website. Before having the Message Hopper text system, our most popular was our contact form in our website, but after subscribing to Message Hopper and providing this new way of contact, it became very quickly our most popular way for our customers to contact us.

In our replying emails, we are very formal, having our logo, thanking at first and have a good closing para plus our signature. But text doesn’t need to be official, customer asks his question right away and we reply back the question directly without even saying hi! It provides a fast customer service to the customers and they thanked us a lot for our quick responses.

We also setup the automatic response for customers to know our exchange rate at any time, they just simply type USD or euro and they will get our exchange rates back automatically. It decreased the volume of our phone calls significantly.

The Message Hopper platform is simple but complete and very easy to work with it. It really helped us to establish this crucial customer service tool.

In 70’s Star Wars showed that hologram would be the future way of communication, but now it seems text became the most popular way and even George Lucas couldn’t predict it!.
Tina Azarin
President Ultimate Currency Exchange

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