2-Way SMS Messaging With Message Hopper

HOw it works

Texting is Just Easier

9 Out 10 people would prefer texting over calling when it comes to things like confirming, cancelling, or making changes to appointments.  

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How It Works


Customer sends an SMS text to your business phone number.


The message appears on the portal for all your agents.  Any agent can reply from the portal or from his/her email.


The message arrives on customer’s phone as an SMS text from your recognized business phone number. 


Your agents answer texts, changes are coordinated quickly and customer is happy!

Features & Benefits

Intelligent / Interactive Auto Response

IITR engine can be trained to automatically answer simple text messages in real time based on time of the day, week or on special occasions.

Receive and Send text messages in variety of ways

Text messages can be sent or received via your email, a secure web portal or cell phone.

Multi-user/agent Environment

Multiple staff members can receive and respond to text message from/to the same number.

Customers Will Love You

No complicated apps or steps to go through to reach you. It's as easy as sending a text to your business number (a number they know and trust).

Staff Will Love You

They'll save hours per week and finally be free of the mundane work of calling people for confirmations and schedule changes.

Sign Up Today. Text Tomorrow.

No equipment required. No complicated setup. We make it easy. Promise!

Make Your Customers & Staff Happy

2-Way SMS Texting using your existing business phone number.  It’s the way to go. 

No setup fees. Pay month to month. Cancel anytime. 

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