From Casual Visitor To Loyal Customer

unique technology makes it easy to:

We monetize Guest Wi-Fi for some amazing companies

How It Works


Custom Branded Wi-Fi

Turn your Wi-Fi network into a captive portal with Social Wi-Fi authentication. Seamlessly integrates with Wi-Fi hardware and marketing automation software.

Real Time Analytics & Reports

 Social user details with Wi-Fi – easily filter your user data in real-time –  identify trends and generate reports for export.


Automate Your Marketing

Smart connection triggers make it easy to automatically send user and demographic data to your marketing database.

Simple customer dashboards

Multiple users? No problem. Give sub-users access to a simplified dashboard with limited permission levels to offer remote management and real-time analytics.


Works With Your Existing Marketing Tools

Works With Major WiFi Hardware Providers

You may not even need to buy new equipment! We can integrate our social wi-fi marketing platform virtually to any of the systems below.

Choose Your Plan - Social Wi-Fi Marketing

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