Supported Devices

Our Social WiFi Platform Integrates With The Following Devices

Cloud Controllers

Already have your own WiFi system installed?  No problem! Our Social WiFi Platform integrates directly with the following Cloud Controllers with no additional hardware required:

Cisco Meraki Cloud

Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Controller


Cradlepoint NetCloud

Open Mesh CloudTrax


Xirrus Wi-Fi Networks

Pre-Configured Gateways

For Enterprise users, we also have Pre-Configured MyWiFi Gateways to support larger installs and venues with existing APs.

Social Powered Hotspot with Metal Casing (SH100)

If you want the simplicity of plug and play with a 5 minute installation, plus the power of Presence Analytics, the SH100 will do the job for smaller locations.  

The SH100 is the perfect solution for smaller locations with under 30 guests connecting at any given time. Perfect for smaller restaurants, spas, pharmacies, and doctor's offices...

Custom Device Scripts

628 Media has also developed a custom script to work with Mikrotik devices.

Flash Your Own Devices

IMPORTANT: Probably best if we do this for you! 

We currently support the following standalone devices (in case you already own them):

Other Mini/4G Devices

You can purchase this hardware anywhere you'd like and we can help you download the firmware after adding the device by MAC address in your Social WiFi Hotspot Management Portal.  Or we can just make it easy and send you everything you need, pre-configured and ready to go.  You focus on what you are good at, let us take care of the details of your Social WiFi Marketing Platform!